Ramona Peters, right, NLC Vice President, presents a piece of her pottery to Norman W. Hayes of Sandwich and his wife, Marie Champagney-Hayes, in recognition of the land donated to the NLC.

Photo courtesy of the Barnstable Patriot

Press Box

Native Land Conservancy was founded in 2012 in Mashpee, Massachusetts, and is the first Native-run land conservation group east of the Mississippi. After centuries of hardship and economic struggle, it is only now that we can finally attend to the important work of protecting sacred spaces, habitat areas for our winged and four legged neighbors and other essential ecosystem resources to benefit Mother Earth and all human beings. All land is sacred in our eyes and worthy of special care; thus our reasons and interest in rescuing and preserving ancient ancestral village sites where our ancestors once lived and worked. In recognition of shared values, we enjoy our partnership with other local and regional land conservancies. The NLC offers presentations of our native culture and history of the lands we are preserving during co-walking adventures open to the public.

“Our Mother Earth feeds us in every way. She can restore us to our natural state of being when we find ourselves disconnected from what we think of as real.” Ramona Peters, NLC Founder