“Our Mother Earth feeds us in every way. She can restore us to our natural state of being when we find ourselves disconnected from what we think of as real.” Ramona Peters, NLC Founder

Annual Events

We are establishing our annual events to highlight the Herring Run clean-up, Wampanoag Canoe Passage trip, and the NLC Annual Meeting. Also during the year, we will sponsor Nature Walks along the Ancient Trail Ways of the Cape and Islands. The NLC Walking Ways are designed to give walkers an experience that immerses them into the natural world. In addition, our board members will join other local Land Trusts to co-lead Nature Walks to provide an indigenous perspective and history on land use.


The Wampanoag Canoe Passage

The Wampanoag Canoe Passage is a 90 mile trip that follows water routes throughout the southern part of the Wampanoag Homelands. These rivers were used by Wampanoag people for thousands of years just as we use our interstate highways today. The trip is open to any and all interested age 18 and over with canoe experience. The journey can be accessed at different points if the entire route isn’t possible. During the trip, we will enjoy camping, fireside drumming and singing, sharing of Wampanoag history and cultural storytelling.

The Herring Run Clean-Up

The Herring Run clean-up project is coordinated along with the traditional Mashpee Herring Welcoming Ceremony in April. We cannot take for granted that a species will always choose to live with us for any length of time. The Herring Welcoming Ceremony has been held to express our gratitude as indigenous people for the coming and going of the Herring in the Mashpee River. The clean-up takes place at the Mashpee Mill Pond where the fish ladder can be accessed by foot path only.